The Neighbourhood Plan website

This website is designed to be a quick introduction to the Neighbourhood Plan project. It doesn't contain the full details of the plan, and up until the full plan is made available all the details here are subject to change. We very much hope that if you are a resident of Totton and Eling parish that this website inspires you to get involved with the project and submit your views to this collective community vision.

Images on this website

It was very important to the committee to make this website dynamic and engaging.To that end we have used a number of images of the town and our local events. For the most part we have used images that are registered under a creative commons licence that are free to use in a non-commercial context. We have also used photographs produced for our large events, with permission from the photographers and relevant committees. Below is a list of our image sources. 

If for any reason you would like to query the source of a photograph, or if you are in a photograph and would like it taken down then please do contact us and we will do so. We have done our best to source photographs that show the fantastic personality of Totton and Eling, which did involve featuring members of our wonderful and vibrant community. While we have done our best to contact people and get permissions, this wasn't possible in all cases. We hope that as all the photos featured were already in the public domain, and are being used for a community cause that most people would be happy to give their consent. We apologise that it wasn't possible to contact everyone to gain their explicit permission ahead of the publication of this website.

List of image sources



  1. Totton precinct by Mike Faherty on Geograph. Reused under creative commons

  2. Totton Carnival, 2018. By Mark Perry Photography

  3. Totton Arts Festival 2019, Seadogs Photographic

On the rest of the website a selection of the same images are used in many places. The sources and photographers are listed here. Many thanks to all the event committees and community organisations that gave us their permission to re-use their images. 

Geograph/ commons.wikimedia photographers

Flickr photographers

Mark Perry Photography is the official photographer of both the Totton Lantern Parade and the Totton Carnival.

Seadogs Photographic was the official photographer of last year's Totton Arts Festival.

A selection of images from our major institutions and community organisations have been reproduced. Many thanks to Hanger Farm Arts Centre, Eling Tide Mill, Totton Town Council, Totton Festival of Drama and Totton Family Fun Day.