The Project so far...

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So far we have

  • Conducted written surveys with residents to collect ideas and views

  • Created reports on our current public transport, car parking, accessibility and cultural offering

  • Listed our historically important buildings and buildings with listed status

  • Researched what other towns and areas have implemented successfully in terms of regeneration

  • Consulted architecture firm Snug for initial design ideas

  • Put together our first draft outline of the Totton and Eling Neighbourhood Plan

  • Run consultations on our draft outline, collecting views and making amendments

  • Begun consultation with New Forest District Council

next steps

  1. Further consultations with New Forest District to make sure our plan is in line with the Local Plan

  2. Commission professional drawings and maps

  3. Further consultations and outreach to diverse groups and communities in Totton and Eling.

  4. Employ a planning officer to professionally write up the plan

  5. Plan and publicise Neighbourhood Plan Referendum


(A work in progress based on our current consultation data and input from our committee)

Draft Vision:

To create a thriving community for Totton and Eling with enviable amenities, pleasant green spaces and developing a prosperous and more attractive town centre. Giving residents a great local hub and a more desirable place to live, now and in the future.

Possible Objectives

  • To revitalise the look and feel of Totton Town Centre.

  • Maintain and improve the numerous green spaces.

  • Increase investment and commercial activity in the Town Centre that better reflects the scale of the community and the key location that the town of Totton and Eling is situated in.

  • Maintain and increase the great accessibility by road that the Town Centre has while also bringing together the whole town in a more cohesive transport structure.

  • Encourage the entire area to visit the Town Centre by supporting better access from more isolated parts of the Town.

  • Preserving and improving upon parking allocations for both residential and commercial developments to enable good ease of access throughout the area.

  • Ensuring sufficient quality, neighbourhood amenity and spaciousness of new housing to increase quality of life.

Areas of our plan developed so far...

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