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Updates from November - Consultations & heritage buildings

The town council recently hired a consultant to look through all the work that has been done on the Neighbourhood Plan so far to help give us pointers on what to do next. Most of November's meeting was spent going through that critique and forming a plan of our next steps.

We have roughly £8000 of budget currently, and in light of the advice we've been given we're going to use a chunk of that to hire a consultant to write up a draft Neighbourhood Plan for us. We're at a stage now where we have a great deal of information recorded and evidenced, and it's time it was drawn together by a planning professional for us. Once that has been done we'll be in a good position to look at filling in any gaps.

Thinking about how we work

We're also still thinking about the structure of our committee. We're very keen to see more residents holding committee positions or being a joint-chair of the Neighbourhood Plan. This is something we'll be focusing on again in our next meeting, and how we can support sustainable and effective work on the Neighbourhood Plan by all our volunteers.

Added to the pot - heritage buildings & housing mix

We made a start on discussing the heritage buildings of Totton and Eling that we'd like to list and include in our Neighbourhood Plan. We also had a discussion about what we can say more generally about housing across Totton and Eling. We talked about how one of our great strengths as a town is how much diversity we encompass, and how we'd like a housing mix in the future that continues to reflect that and to allow that diversity to continue and thrive.

Coming up - discussions for our next agenda

In our next meeting (or two) we will be discussing

  • Heritage buildings in Totton and Eling that we'd like to see protected

  • Envisaging policy ideas (i.e. campaign to promote cycling)

  • How climate change will affect Totton and Eling

Our next meeting will be on Tuesday 4th January at 7pm. We are still sticking with zoom meetings for now, as we're finding them more accessible and it allows us to be flexible with group size. If you're not on our mailing list already contact us and we'll make sure you receive the zoom invitation!

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