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Updates from January

We eased into the New Year with a short and sweet meeting this week, yet it was nonetheless filled with a number of key decisions and updates.

Meeting with NFDC

Several of our team are going to be meeting with the planning team at NFDC to better understand how our work can intersect and how we can best support each other. The team are very keen to meet with and work more closely with NFDC, and hopefully this meeting on 24th January will be the start on that journey.

Next Consultation Event

We also decided to organise another consultation event. We are planning for this event to be held in Calmore on a Saturday in June.

Facebook Page Coming Soon

Thinking more about how we communicate with the community we're going to set up a Facebook page to help make it easier to send out regular updates to interested residents.

Bringing on an independent consultant

The biggest decision we made is to hire an independent consultant to do some work for us. Our next meeting in February will be focused around writing the brief for this piece of work. We feel that it's a ripe time to get some professional input and guidance in pulling together what we already have.

You can read the full minutes of the meeting here.

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