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March meeting updates

Our March meeting was a very positive affair.

News from NFDC

We began with the news that NFDC have announced they will be putting money into redeveloping the town centre. While we have suspected news on the horizon for some time due to all the big developments happening around us, this is very welcome news and we are excited to work together with NFDC on community consultation.

Updates from our independent planning consultant

We next had an in-depth update from our independent planning consultant, Richard Lewis, on the strategic work they are doing for us at the moment and the work they have planned up until the end of April. Richard also talked to the committee about setting a date for a site visit around the town centre for mid March to help feed into his report.

Areas where we can improve links

We spent the next part of the meeting brainstorming areas where we can improve links for existing walks.

Next consultation

We have begun making plans for our next consultation event - watch this space for more details soon.

As always, if you'd like to read the full transcript from the meeting you can view it here!

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