This website has now been up and running for almost a year, and we hope that many residents have had the opportunity to take a look through some of the information here. This website is intended to be a holding place of key information, including what a neighbourhood plan is, and some overviews of what the plan looks like so far.

We’re keen to increase our accessibility and outreach going forward, and we hope that this blog can provide some easily digestible information and key updates that can be shared online easily.

We’re racking up a good few years of work on this project now, and things are really starting to come together. We started with general consultations to gather information, drafted our initial plan, and are consulting on that initial plan and making amendments. As things are now fleshing out, we are bringing in more stakeholders and looking at more ways that we can present our findings in an accessible way (such as making our meeting minutes available).

Check-in with our blog for more updates in the future. And as always, if you want the full scoop then please come to a future Neighbourhood Plan meeting (open to all residents of Totton and Eling).